Courage Passion Wisdom and Grace

The True Story of an Angel in Earth Discovering her Wings.

Sharon doesn’t know it yet but she’s an angel. Her gift is a reminder of humanity’s long lost potential.

Ever since she was a little girl she called it common sense. People looked to her for guidance and she always had the answers. Now, after playing the role of counselor and coach her entire young life, she could use a little downtime. But the universe has bigger plans

Sharon is here to help us remember a long-buried truth. We are sovereign beings of light capable of creating heaven on earth, if we can only love ourselves long enough to see it.

But teaching humans to love themselves is no easy task for an empathic angel living in the land of fear. As her gift blossoms, she feels the growing anguish of a misguided society and she can’t turn it off. Her husband no longer understands her and she begins to question why her blessing feels more like a curse.

Navigating between a world of ancient truth and the illusion we call life requires difficult choices. Sharon’s choices will ripple through the collective consciousness at a most pivotal time in history. And so will ours. Can we choose to love ourselves? The answer will shape our future.

Told from the perspective of her closest friend, author Jon Von Knight, this is part one of Courage Passion Wisdom and Grace, an introduction to the true story of an angel on earth during a shifting of the ages.