Courage Passion Wisdom and Grace

Courage Passion Wisdom and Grace is a true story of friendship and the discovery of a powerful, spiritual gift.

Join Sharon and Jack on a soul-awakening journey that transcends the earthly realm and delivers us all to the worlds beyond.

Sharon is an Angel on Earth. Her gifts were passed down through generations since the beginning of time. As she comes to terms with her miraculous abilities and all the good they can do, she is left to wonder – is it worth all the pain that comes with them.

Jack is her best friend, confidant and tether to this world.

The happiness and heartache Sharon experiences along the way are relatable to anyone’s life with some small exceptions. She has the sensitive heart of an empath, prophetic vision and spends most of her nights in the ethereal plane. A combination that can take a little getting used to.

Jack’s constant support keeps Sharon grounded. His openness to this new reality transforms him and he begins to see the truly limitless possibilities of life.

We are all beings of light and Sharon is one of a handful here to help us shine our brightest. In doing so we illuminate our path to a new world.

From the Back Cover

One woman’s journey to accept her extraordinary gift will prove pivotal at a crossroads in time.

Truth goes through three stages: ridicule, opposition, and finally acceptance. Follow your heart and you will find your truth. But when the reality you’ve known suddenly seems worlds away from what your heart knows is right you begin to question everything.

Sharon lives this difficult truth everyday. Born with a rare, spiritual gift, her journey to accept it is wrought with life-altering decisions.

A family tragedy triggers her awareness. Can Sharon ultimately learn to embrace a light so bright that it startles some and amazes others? Or will she run away from her unique powers and the pain they cause her? The choices she makes will touch the souls of everyone she encounters in this lifetime.

Told from the perspective of her closest friend, author Jon Von Knight, this is part one of Courage, Passion, Wisdom, and Grace, an introduction to the remarkable true story of one woman’s beginnings, and ultimate acceptance, of her role as an angel on earth during a shifting of the ages.

Sharon’s transformative story will help every living being realize their capacity to do one simple thing – Love your self.