We live in exciting times yet there is much uncertainty. Our world is changing rapidly in ways unseen by many. Our beloved Earth is ascending. The dense energy of the physical world is giving way to the lighter energy of the higher realms. We are living in the twilight where both worlds exist at once. The tension created by this change manifests itself as upheaval and, at times, chaos all over the world.

We are witness to and participants in a great shifting of the ages.

Many of us are aware of the shift. We can feel it. Our spirits have embarked on a quest for wisdom and deeper meaning. It’s obvious that things cannot go on as they are so we take steps to align with the dawning of the new world. We are awakening to the knowledge that we are more than just physical beings. We are light energy and we are all connected. A great power exists within us.

At the same time many of our brothers and sisters are still sleepwalking. They may sense the need for change but they feel frustrated and powerless to do anything. They continue to play by the rules in a system designed to keep them from knowing the truth of who they are. They should not be judged for this. They are doing the best they can with what they believe to be true.

Unfortunately, the system designers love the sleepwalkers. They happily watch the continuing slumber while they hoard all the power, resources and knowledge for themselves. They do all they can to keep us in the dark. But the enlightened know that darkness is merely the absence of light. And we are the light. We are the answer. All we have to do is shine and the truth will appear.

Enter the way showers, born with an organic knowledge of the gifts we all possess. Like prophets, they come into this world and into our lives delivering divinely inspired messages. They know true enlightenment means showing you where to look but not telling you what to see.

Courage Passion Wisdom and Grace is the true story of one of those teachers, a soul here to remind us of our long lost and god-given potential. The good news is there’s nothing to learn. We only need to remember. Our souls already know the truth. Once we tap into our inner wisdom, we’ll remember why we are here. The new world is our birthright and its time has come.

Wishing you a glorious journey! Thank you for visiting!